Thursday, September 27, 2012

Art Football "la liga"

Spain is famous for its football, resembling fiesta. The fest, called Spanish League is already on. The first games are promising everything, but prediction which team could win the Spanish title. We can see a tournament, more interesting than the previous years. Now the race is not only for the two teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Unlike the previous seasons, the Catalans have a new coach and thus could reflect their football. Real Madrid look in a better position, but the first round showed that the reigning Champions are either weaker than the last year or the teams in Spain got better.
Now all eyes are on the Spanish League, due to the success of the national team in Poland and Ukraine. Spain defended its European title and now the Spanish team is the only one, winning two European titles in a row plus the World Cup. The national success could reflect the Spanish clubs, which want to restore their past glory. The fans still remember the Spanish triumph in the Champions League nearly a decade ago. Then the Spanish club football was the best in the world, as three of the clubs- Valencia, Real Madrid and Barcelona were among the semifinalists of the Champions League, season 1999/2000. Then the Spanish League was ranked as the best Championship in the world.
Spanish clubs have gained a lot of praise for their beautiful football, managed with attacking and combinative style. Definitely the best Spanish teams in the past decade are Barcelona and Real Madrid. The first team relay mostly on their own youngsters trained and prepared for the big football in the Barcelona soccer academies. The second team invest a lot of money, buying the best players in the world, creating so called `galactic teams`. Many analysts consider both teams as the biggest contenders for the upcoming season.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

English Pie

Every year the English Premier League is in the news as one of the must-see sport tournament. We live, breathe and dream premier football all year long. The Premiership does not stop even during the wintertime. When the season is almost over, the fans still tremble with the matches of the favorite English teams in the European tournaments. And during the summer break there are friendly matches played by the top English teams all around the world. You may say that the fans of the English soccer could get tired of so much football, but let me tell you this- people never get enough of the real games.
In Britain betting is one of the most exciting things you could experience. You can bet on everything, just for the sport and the result of it. The betting companies have announced their fixtures for the upcoming season. But still there is so much to be seen until the season`s finale next year. It seems that the best English teams got their place in the analysts` forecasts. The surprises are the most common things in the English Premier League. There have been seasons when a team could lead up to 10 points clear on the top and finish in the second place. Football sometime seems a logic and predictable sport, but when it comes for the English soccer the forecasts could be very difficult to make.
One thing is for sure- the season will keep the real fans excited until the very end. The English football is like the real life- everything happens for a reason and all you could hope for is a little bit of luck and wisdom. For the people that live football 24 hours a day, the English Premier League is like an island from the dark side of nowadays soccer.